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  1. Different IND Sidewalk textures?

    Awesome!!!! Thanks.
  2. Different IND Sidewalk textures?

    NICE!!!!!! @rsc204 You said a version of it is available at SC4, but im having trouble finding it? I noticed your name isn't in the author category either? That MOD is exactly what im looking for....In fact, its better than what I originally thought I wanted!
  3. Different IND Sidewalk textures?

    Please educate me on this : )
  4. Different IND Sidewalk textures?

    Dang, I had a feeling that's what it was. Ive always used some sort of grey textured sidewalk and never really noticed the difference between zones, but ever since I switched to a more red/brown cobblestone it stands out like a sore thumb in industrial areas. Mainly dirty that is.
  5. Hello again all! So I was wondering if it is possible to have my commercial and residential zones use 1 type of sidewalk texture and my industrial areas use another. Im using the Gobias sidewalk mod now, but would like to use 2 of his textures as mentioned. The main mods I have that would warrant any notice are: * NAM * CAM * Gobias Sidewalk Mod * Gobias Sudden Valley Terrain Mod * MGB Sidewalk NAM Public Repository <<<<<<Amazing by the way!! And im still switching back and fourth between the 2 last ones to see what differences there are...... * Terrain Grass NAM (TGN) For Gobias Sudden Valley (Unified Wealth) * No Grass NAM (NGN) For Gobias Sudden Valley
  6. Changing TuLEP Sidewalks?

    @rsc204 I was able to install your Automated Sidewalk MOD.....Wow!!!! What a difference! Exactly what I needed. Thank you for this excellent feature!
  7. General Load Order?

    Perhaps ill give it another shot
  8. Lot Editor - Help

    I was wondering if someone could give me a real basic guide to using the lot editor in regards to the following question... All I want to use the lot editor for is changing certain textures on things to match, say, my sidewalk mod and such. Questions: 1. Why does the LE have a full list of textures and such but doesn't point to where there located. Are these default maxis textures? 2. Where do I need to put texture .dat files so I can find and use them in the LE. (i.e my sidewalk mod texture file) 3. How do I figure out which texture is which since they are labeled in code. Such as, my sidewalk mod texture only shows a regular name, not a code. Since im only looking to change base and overlay textures on already configured lots, is the LE all I need or do I need other SC4 tools?
  9. General Load Order?

    That's what im asking about. These folders are in the main plugins folder. Same place they would be if I just kept clicking "next" in the installers they came with. Im just trying to make sure they are loading in the correct orders in relation to the way there named.
  10. General Load Order?

    Ok this is starting to make much more sense now and explains slight things ive noticed in game. I naturally thought something labeled with say "01" would load first and have priority, but my logic stopped there lol I have a couple mods that were saved with default folder names, usually using "z" at the beginning, but I still always questioned it. Because, how can I know that its loading correctly when there are other folders named with "z" in them? Because I don't expect the developer of one mod to know exactly how it should load/conflict with all the other mods out there. Theres just so many for one to test against! lol So that being said, the most important mods should be labeled so that they "appear" at the bottom when alphabetically and numerically organizing correct? such as..... z_CAM zz_Network Addon Mod zzz_zNAM When I installed NAM it gave me the 2 folders shown above. Perhaps I can snap a screenshot of my folder setup and post it up tomorrow for you guys to help me out for good??????
  11. General Load Order?

    Meaning that the folder is above another folder when viewing by "name" on windows. Such as how I have them named: 01_NetworkAddonMod 02_CAM etc etc
  12. General Load Order?

    Oops I misread that at first which leaves me with another question. You say NAM overriding CAM doesn't cause problems but then you say to load CAM first? My assumption was that the folder above another overrides whatever is under it? So does the CAM or NAM folder belong at the top? Yea tried that thing once. My head spun for a little bit while using it lol
  13. General Load Order?

    Perfect! That puts it very clear! Now I know what to organize and what not to! Thanks again everyone! P.s. youll probably see my name popping up more and more on the forums because I am now officially trying to get really "deep" into SC4 and the mods. So im not a noob, just more determined : )
  14. General Load Order?

    Hopefully this is the correct spot for this post..........But I recently learned about how SC4 actually uses a load order with its files. Ive tried reading up on this but I end up getting overwhelmed with screenshots of folder setups and technical lingo. So, in general, how does one know how to "order" there plugin folders correctly if the provided readme for downloaded files doesn't state anything? Questions like: 1. Should dependency, prop, and texture folders go at the top or bottom? 2. what about gameplay mods such as slope mods, sidewalk mods, traffic light replacers etc? My plugins mainly consists of CAM (and every additional CAMeLot that goes with it) NAM, different lot files for R,CO,and IND, a dependency folder with everything I can cram in it, slope mod, some parks and eye candy and such. Finding and installing everything for the CAM was very time consuming, and I just want to make sure that everything I downloaded is actually being used and shown correctly.
  15. Changing TuLEP Sidewalks?

    Is there a rough ETA on when the next release will be? Thank you all, This support is much appreciated. If the NAM realease date is far away I think I will definitely try @rsc204 way! Thank you!