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  1. Road next to seawall - help

    I finally got it working correctly ! \o/ I downloaded an other version (0.9.3), reinstalled it, and it works. I don't know why I had this bug in the first place, but i'm glad it's fixed now Thanks again for your help. Happy modding, Jazz.
  2. Road next to seawall - help

    First of all, thank you very much for the time you spend helping me out ! I'm sorry to bother you again, but i have another issue with iLive reader : As soon as i try to modify the occupant size and save the file, the blue box of the prop in the Lot Editor disapears. If i reopen the the prop in the Reader, the values have changed like in the image below. The width-height-depth went to width only, with the 0.000000 value. That's why the bluebox has become invisible in the Lot Editor. I've tryed with different props, same problem : As soon as i try to change the occupant size, I'll get this issue. When i right click the occupant size and select "sync the file ?", i'll get the error "Property incorrect : Not a Uint32 type with rep == 3". It might have something to do with this ?
  3. Road next to seawall - help

    Thank you for the quick reply ! So if i understand correctly, the property "occupant size" in the live reader will make everything in your Lot bigger, so that each Lot overlaps the neighbor lots. Am i right ? EDIT.: I just checked my wall-prop, the occupant size is at 0x27812810 For the second suggestion : I'm ashamed not to know what S3D means I've quickly googled it, but without luck. Also, you say that it's not possible to place 2 transit enabled lots side by side, but is the Seawall a transit enabled lot ? Thank you very much for your help
  4. Hello there, I started my very first SC4 mod (but not my first game mod). Also, this is my very first post on this website. I hope it's the right place. I am trying to create a new seawall mod, but i'm a little bit stuck with the lot manager : I managed to create my Seawall using SC4 BAT and the plug-in manager. Where the problem starts is in the lot editor : - if i put my seawall next to the road, i'm unable to build the wall in game. I guess it's due to the slope. All i could do to fix this is to put a pedestrian sidewalk between the road and the wall. But i have no place for sidewalks in my cities (watch image below, i want 4x4 blocks between the road and the highway) ! is there a way to fix this ? - is there a way to get rid of the alignment issue you'll see in the image below ? my prop is exaclty 16m wide, i can not make it wider as the LE does not allow to import bigger props on 1x1 lots. I always get a black stripe between every wall, and i don't want to "hide" these with some kind of filler. - The transition with water looks horrible too. Is there a way to fix this ? I made a screenshot of the wall with annotations, just in case one of the points above is not clear enough. If anyone has a suggestion regarding these 3 points... Thank you. (please excuse me for my poor english - greetings from Belgium) By rvr1982 at 2012-02-24