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  1. crash and burn :(

    I recently got the NAM and ive been working on a decent GLR system. its workable but I was trying to get reciprocity going for my GLR and commuter rail and some reason ive been crashing a lot. any ideas? and I downloaded a station that allows GLR to regular rail but when I grad a GLR piece near it crash. or there are times when in putting in transit pieces and it crashes
  2. Game crashing

    ive been getting crashes sice I started trying to do the GLR to ground rail or anything involving trams and stations. I do get the occasional crash when I put in buildings or streets though
  3. GLR Stations

    I tried a GLR system and it dint work out to well for me..for some reason the pieces wont rotate for me
  4. population mods?

    well I picked up SC4 and rush hour and after a long time I got back in to the swing of thing...my question is how would I go about changing the attributes of a building or add on? say I wanted to skyrocket my population to say 10 million people...how would I go about it?
  5. ground light rail

    Do you even have Rush Hour? Go to C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Apps and look at your simcity4.exe Properties > Details. Is your game updated to 1.1.640? The angel (??) is by SOMY but I won't give a link to you yet. 99% of the downloads here are Rush Hour compatible only. And many mods will not work (including NightLighting for custom buildings) until you have updated your game to version 1.1.640. yes i have rush hour...and i have the angel statue by somy but my population did not skyrocket like the guy's did off youtube
  6. ground light rail

    thanx guys. i put it in and it made my game crash so im digging it all out. ill have to figure out a new and inproved way to make my citys skyrocket. there are rumors of an angel statue that makes your pop skyrocket....any one know where i can find it?
  7. ground light rail

    link plz
  8. ground light rail

    i recently started seeing GLR for simcity 4 but i dont know where to get them. i dont see any tracks for it when i downloaded a few of its stations...any suggestions?
  9. where's my crime?

    thanx. last question of the day. can you point me in the direction of things like mods that run your population up in to the millions? i have some decent citys where my citizens are born with silver spoons in there mouths but i wonder whats it is like to have a mega city
  10. Robert Taylor Homes

    its nice to have a part of my city in my SIMCITY but for some reason it always says the commute is long and i have jobs AND transit circles around it
  11. where's my crime?

    well its just for realism sake. we have fires but no police calls
  12. where's my crime?

    i started playing and i believe that i may have downloaded a police station or something and now i dont have any more crime. now it may sound kinda backwards but i want my jails and police to be occupied. any idea'd how to get those cops off there ass and on the streets?
  13. Robert Taylor Homes

    mine show up but no matter WHERE i put them it says the commute is too long and hey end up abandoning the building
  14. CTA Ashland Station

    heh i was over there a week ago....