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  1. Ligovka-Yamskaya II - War Stories (Vol 1)

    poor people!
  2. Sicinia - Procella - Garbatella.

    After a while I decided to publish my new region: Sicinia. Later I will have time to be able to better document on this state. For now here is the first village: Garbatella. Garbatella is a small town in the province of Procella and has 9,128 inhabitants.
  3. The Stories of Macau 06. Colégio de São Paulo - c1610

    Magnificent. Where are those buildings obliques?
  4. Fishing Trip

    Beautiful Mediterranean landscape
  5. Bioparco

    magnificent landscape.  A little tip:  The buildings are not really suited to the Sicilian town. You should download this set and then sets MBEAR  The rest with the mmp and fantastic
  6. Castellammare del Golfo

    (Magnifico e splendido, sono passato spesso per quelle zone) anche io  ho un city journal in cui sto riproducendo le mie zone, nelle zone della provincia di Messina e Catania(Randazzo,Milazzo...) 
  7. Porto Macondo - A little coastal town

    fantastic great Mediterranean environment come from the Sicilian?
  8. fatal error in features

    I do not think that it is bound, appears to me if I want to put a feature on the main page. What do I do, contact the webmaster? the error occurred today
  9. fatal error in features

    I do not like keeps giving me this error even with jpg could be a mistake on the site server?
  10. Hello to all. I started this topic because I have a problem when I try to put a new feature in the home page for my cj. is the first time that I get from this defect, he first gave ... After sending has managed to put all the data (verified) it redirects me to this page which says: Fatal error: Class 'Imagick' not found in / home / admin / public_html / forum / hooks / resize_news_thumbnails_add.php on line 49 I tried for hours with no results sorry for my english ...
  11. Qeparo, Part Two

    hello, for Nathan_spcity  the umbrellas you can find them here for the author of the cj: magnificent continues like this, but you could put in the next updates regarding inland areas and maybe even wild. In more than me (I have also written on sc4devotion) wondering where I got the base texture (such as leaves), and if you could send me MBEAR, that you had in the past updates, poppable (it should be about 3 weeks that I try and I found little, I'm desperate) because I can not have the lot editor for technical reasons. I ask you to help me. sorry for my english ... congratulations for having entered the top ten 10
  12. Welcome to the Great Trafford canyon

    where they come from those light poles and the small road barriers
  13. Dubrovnik, Part Two

    beautiful! but where did you get those small roofed houses realistic and that pier