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  1. SC4 doesn't launch

    I never had an issue running it on windows 8. not until Microsoft ruined everything with this update....
  2. SC4 doesn't launch

    rsc, I did try right clicking and that did not work as well. I have no idea where to find uac and how to disable it, since im not that computer savvy.
  3. SC4 doesn't launch

    hello moose, I got the digital version from origin and I didn't uninstall the disk version. I still received the same message about logging in as the administrator. I am running Windows 8, Dell.
  4. SC4 doesn't launch

    I could not get the digital version to work either.
  5. Creating Larger Cities

    Hello All! I'm new here and wanted to know if there is a way to get rid of the smallest cities when a new region is created. Thanks! selah