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    Many. I do not mix gaming with politics unless they are part of the game.
  1. Favorite citites

    I am not a big city person, but I have visited quite a few of them and even lived in/around a few as well. Not in any particular order, some of my favorites that I've actually visited or lived in include: Zurich Munich Annapolis Savannah Scottsdale I've lived in or near the following and think there are okay aspects, but don't really care for them: NYC Baltimore San Francisco A couple that I'd be happy to never visit again: LA Chicago
  2. T-intersection RHW assistance needed

    Thanks for the help. I plan on having a spur head west into the south side of the city, while through traffic continues north over the river.
  3. Having problems making a more compact T intersection for my highway. Any suggestions are welcome.
  4. I can't offer a solution, but I am having the same problem with the MIS connection to road.
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    Working on a new city using the island of Barbados map. This is a shot of the government area of Lindsey (WIP), the northern most region of Pendraga. https://plus.google.com/photos/106554086269316269816/albums/5858371600297055633?authkey=CIvo9aOh77e80AE I'm hunting for more civic buildings to fill in the rest of the area. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Plus anyone wanting to give me a little advice on how to post pics, please feel free.
  6. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    I lost my left hand turn lanes and arrows.  Did I miss a box to turn that on?
  7. Nice.  I'll be downloading them tonight.
  8. I'm having problems with the .640 build; do I really need it?
  9. Will SC4 fade?

    At the risk of showing my ineptness, how do I check my disk version. I got the Sim City Box, but don't really know where to look. Go to your Sim City folder, in my case it installed at C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4/Apps (should be similar for you since that's the normal place for it to be installed) then hover over the SimCity4 Application (has a nice little picture) and then you get a small window displayed showing some information, one of them should say File Version 1.1.640.0. Welcome to the Forum, hope you will have a good time playing SC4. =) Thank you for both the how-to and the welcome. I have been a lurker since October 2004, but have not really have had much to say, preferring to read and mine ideas. I do have version 1.1.638.0 and cannot find via google search 1.1.1640.0. If anyone can provide my a link or email me a copy [ aka.john.foster AT gmail.com ] it would be greatly appreciated. ***nevermind, my GoogleFu didn't fail me, but I realized I added an extra digit.***** Now if I could only find out why all (well, just about all) of my residential becomes R-$$$, all would be right with the world.
  10. Will SC4 fade?

    At the risk of showing my ineptness, how do I check my disk version. I got the Sim City Box, but don't really know where to look.
  11. Will SC4 fade?

    I recently picked up a new copy of SC4 (early in the holidays) and my wife made me wait until Christmas to play it. Then my computer wheezed it's last breath and I had to get a new one after about 3 weeks of complaining and borrowing her laptop. Next thing you know I'm browsing Simtropolis around the end of February and I realize there is a new version. It does look pretty and my computer could probably handle it, but I really like the customization options of SC4 and really appreciate all the work the contributors provided. As long as Simtropolis supports SC4 I'll keep playing. If SC4 dies someone, hopefully, will make an Open version like they did Transport Tycoon (my second fav G*d game).
  12. Living in the 'Burbs [Teaser]

    Very nice so far.
  13. Plopable Farm Field Pack

    Maybe a stupid question, but I haven't bought the two discs yet and would like to use the Maxis plobable farms, do I still need to worry about the BSC dependencies?