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  1. Installation Issue :(

    Uk.we buy.com actually...I'm British!!! Yeah, they're the ones. I have decided that I will have to take it back, not what I was hoping for but oh well. What's gamestop?
  2. Installation Issue :(

    CeX is like a shop that sells anything media based. It's all preowned and while it is very reliable on the whole (this is is the first time I've had an issue with them),their customer service when it comes to anything that doesn't involve you giving them money is somewhat notorious. Anyway, I have hope again because the installation is further than it's got before, so fingers crossed I'll be a happy simmer soon...except that it's now 11:15 in blighty and I should probably go to bed soon. Great.
  3. Installation Issue :(

    Yeah. The problem is is that I got it from CeX, who are not exactly renowned for being helpful with things like this. I was hoping to avoid a confrontation if possible. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hello, I just joined this forum because I just today bought Simcity 4. So there I was, just about to install my new game. all is going well until my computer tells me that it cannot transfer simcity_2.dat because it failed a CRC check. This means that I cannot move this file anywhere! I can't play the game Basically, does anyone know where I might be able to acquire this file? Any help would be much appreciated! (I bought the game preowned, which i assume is why the file is corrupt)