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  1. Installation Issue :(

    I'm afraid I've no clue what CeX is but I can say I won't buy things from sources that aren't 100% reputable and if that's the case you may end up having to buy a new copy of the game. A brand new version can be had for under $15 in a number of places. Since new copies of the game are still being packaged and sold it would be illegal to download the file that's corrupt. There's also a possibility that even if you could find a copy of that file it still wouldn't work since the installation process extracts from it.
  2. Installation Issue :(

    I can't say for sure but it sounds like possibly the disk is bad. I'd take it back to where I purchased it and get a replacement. Even used, a game is supposed to work and whoever sold it to you should be made to stand behind it.
  3. I hope you all don't mind if I just jump right in here. After who knows how long of not having SC4 installed on my computer because I ran out of hard-drive space on my old one, then got this one about a year ago and things have just been so crazy I didn't take time to install much, I finally installed it night before last. Of course right away it started crashing which I'm finding a teeny bit annoying. Yesterday I was putting some polishing touches on a medium-sized "city" and played all day without a single crash. Then I decided to pop into one of the larger cities that's barely even started, went into the other room and returned to it having crashed. Of course I realize after reading around that a certain amount of crashing on Windows 7 is going to be inevitable (I can live with that) but I also was wondering why it crashes? From reading here it looks like it may be running out of memory? I have four gigs but I'm pretty sure there's no way SC4 is programmed to recognize more than two gigs because back in the day that was all anything could use. That brings me around to another question. Has anyone here tried using Large Address Aware to force it into using four gigs? Up until last year I was using Windows XP so going to 7 was quite a leap. I've noticed I don't see much in the way of performance improvements on some of the older software I have. With some things there's a definite improvement, but others virtually none. I ended up buying a new version of Paint Shop Pro because the one I used on XP was having a few problems on this machine. I couldn't believe how much faster PSP X4 worked, having been programmed for the newer hardware. My SC4 game loads much faster on this computer than on the old one but it sure gets laggy when I'm scrolling across the screen. Apparently you've never used the Create A World tool for the Sims 3? Since it's a 32-bit program it can't use more than two gigs as it stands. Yet it isn't even usable on two gigs of RAM. I have four gigs, have been using Large Address Aware to force it to use all four gigs. Even then it can be touch and go. It's definitely one program that can benefit from eight gigs of memory (although another whatzit is needed to get it to recognize all eight, since LAA only does up to four).