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  1. Update 6.0

    I also think they have broken something with this update, making us build industrial wether we like it or not.
  2. Update 6.0

    I am having a similar problem with education, although i have no traffic problems, i have the university, grade school and high school with bus stops all around the city and i only get half the students the advisor says i have, because in the student layer, i have almost NO students in the city, (no other cities in the region btw)
  3. Anyone w/ 500k+ Population Cities?

    Thanks for that layout, i have reached 600k population (achivement unlocked ) and still growing little by little. Brutal traffic jams though
  4. Anyone w/ 500k+ Population Cities?

    I have tried that map with that layout, so far 500k population with some serious traffic problems and too many fires, half of my students can not get to class, even though i have 3 high schools almost full. Another problem are the roads from the high way coming into the city, i couldnt try 100% the layout you left because the roads stick a little bit into the city. It is probably that i did something wrong but until now it is the most populated city i have done and with no mass transit.