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  1. How on earth do I build a city...

    Thanks everyone! I'll try to follow these pointers and if they work... i'll let you know and if it doesen't ill send a pic of the city I will build tonight and show how much I fail
  2. How on earth do I build a city...

    Hello everyone. Title more or less says my question, how do I build a city without being in debt ? I am able to make basic village/towns without being in debt, but when I start moving onto covering a quarter of a large map I ALWAYS start to lose money. so... I just throw as many natural disasters as I possibly can at those people who ungratefully put me in debt. My biggest pop I got so far was 56'034 and that's when I lost all my money, I even tried lots of tactics I saw on line such as using other cities and I've played all the tutorials in Timbuktu. but I still can't make a booming metropolis... So..How do I build a city that isn't going to screw up? My simcity is fully patched with no mods if that helps...