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  1. trying to find a terrain mod

    yes. It definitely looks nice in combination with HD appalachian terrain mod, and I think maybe some will warrant the extra loss in performance for the aesthetics
  2. trying to find a terrain mod

    updated brigantine water mod I like the clear option, it looks like Maxis water the most. In my opinion.
  3. Malbella

    I like this. Huge region, Nice.


    loving this too
  6. sim city

    I don't know Moskva. Im Feeling pretty Tempted right now.
  7. Help with Terrain Mod

    Make sure you got the beach cliff and water textures? I only used the cliff textures, and it worked for me, I hope you have success, because the mod you are talking about it is very nice and high qaulity.
  8. Alabaster

    Hey Nice Map
  9. What happened?

    A Not-Well Known Feature (And Now Long-Lost For Ever And Good of Alvin's Slope Mod Was A Highly Increased Rate Of On-The-Road Construction, Anywhere From About 50 - 90% Faster, At The Very Least.
  10. What happened?

    We already have a slope mod that's been around for years: Ennedi Slope Mod. Rather suspicious that the "AHR" slope mod is similarly put together as the ESM... I don't know man. ALvin said it himself, it's about 30% more realistic, I would say.
  11. What happened?

    R.I.P Alviniheriadi He made one of the best and most realistic slope mods.,. I still use it to this day.
  12. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    cool cities bro, good work (Y)
  13. How many plugins is too many plugins?

    In my opinion, you can never have enough mods for this game. I have 6.6gb, and I see it growing.
  14. Sarasota - Florida

    Cool map man. This is the only place I've ever been to, and I don't even remember it!!! Thanks!!!
  15. Blackmore Distributor Center

    right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!