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  1. The onslope highway piece is what I needed. Thanks magneto. I didn't realize I had that. -_- This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks again! I guess now the question is is it possible to have on ramps with this config. I got my layout but now I need an onramp! EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out how to do it.
  2. That is the opposite of what I am trying to do. Avenue under a ground highway. Except I have my ground highways raised up a square. So instead of lowering the ground like the picture, I raised it instead.
  3. Here is another image showing what I am trying to do. I made the bridge longer just so I could see if the distance was an issue. The ground highway is level with the bridge as you can see on the left side. The right side I did the same, but dragged a bridge piece to fill the gap. It keeps making a hill and lowering the ground highway. I just want a clean flat transition. The game wont allow me to drag a ground highway to bridge the gap. Also, I am unsure which version of NAM I have. How do I find out? Also, my version didn't come with a hole digger, I downloaded that mod separately to get my highways raised. If a new version recently released, will my game break if I uninstall mine, and install the new version?
  4. I titled this wrong. Meant to say "how to make underpass under elevated ground highway". I'm trying to recreate ground highways that are raised on hills that then have underpasses under them. This basically. The game doesn't let me though. You can see I have the incline mod. Made a little hill to raise up the ground highway. It is here where it freaks out and does everything wrong. When I drag a ground highway across it does this. When I grad an elevated highway it does this. Am I doing something wrong or is this a game limitation? I do have NAM installed if that helps any. Is there a mod that will allow me to do this?
  5. Nice regions! I will give them a try. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Thank you. So you start multiple cities at the same time correct? I kind of did that with my 4. My residential, downtown, industrial and farm towns. Except now that those 4 are about maxed out. I started two more tiles and I dont like them. Thinking of maybe deleting those ones and trying again. I dont like my industrial city. Its literally just a crap ton of industry. Doesnt look realistic at all. Maybe I should have started in a larger tile. Mine are the middle sized ones. I like working with coastlines, I hate the plain square ones.
  7. Hey fellas, I am a sim city newbie. Played here and there and recently got back into it. I have a region of around 130k sims and I am stuck creatively. I made a lower center residential city in the New York region and it is thriving. It consists of around 6 neighborhoods with a central small commerical district. This city is thriving, high education and health. Most of the resident are mid wealth, followed by low and high. There is demand for commercial and high tech(so I must be doing it right lol). To the east I have my commercal downtown style city and to the south of my residential I have my industrial town. I also have a dedicated farm town to the north. I have a high demand for low and medium wealth residents and now I am stuck on how to expand. My downtown city isnt full yet, I need more commercial demand to fill it out, so I decided to made two new towns but I am stuck creatively, I am trying to stay away from easy grid cities. I want something that looks more realistic, but I am unsure on how to do it. Ideas on how to get my creative juices flowing? My goal is to make it to atleast 500 thousand or even a million sims. But I am stuck on how to expand in a way that was looks somewhat realistic and aesthetic at the same time. This is what I have so far, nothing special compared to what I have seen here, but its working for me. Should I make several residential squares and connect them? Like, think beyond my single tile and combine my city into a mega city with an adjacent tile?
  8. I installed a different tram station mod and I have trams now! Only thing that botheres me is I have only two trams and one is twice as long as the other. And they are very close and get backed up at every stop. hmmm
  9. Which thing doesn't appearing ? The arrow when you click the rail using the commuter query or the GLR tram ? The tram itself does not appear. My stations are being used but no tram has appeared. I just clicked in the ? mark tool to see what the avenue conditions are like and it shows no rail travel at all anywhere on my tracks. I read in the comments that this mod appears to also serve as a bus station. Maybe this is the issue? Radical automata did not fix it. I will try the mod next. All detail is set to hight. Could the issue be related to the station? Last time I played sim city awhile back, I used this mod http://www.sc4devoti....php?lotGET=879 and I had trams. I did not use it this time though because the stations arent very pretty.
  10. My industrial city has major traffic problems. So I put a big GLR loop in to help it out and it is working in that it has power and they are being utilized(high percentages). However, no rail car is appearing. All my stations go in the same direction and there are no missing track pieces. My copy of the Deluxe Edition is up to date and I am used the most recent nam. I am using this GRL station mod. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. So Ive been playing SC4 deluxe recently and decided to try some mods. I downloaded the most recent edition of the NAM mod. I noticed that it added tram light rail pieces. I wanted to give it a try to make it like the trolleys we have here in San Diego CA. So I laid out my network but I ran into a problem. What do I connect the tram too? I have the rail network finished, but I dont know what I am supposed to use as a station. Thanks in advance!