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Status Updates posted by __A

  1. Fixing up my CJ's since some of them have broke from the ST update \:sly:/

  2. Australia can into Europe.

    1. Huston
    2. MandelSoft


      Australia competes in the Eurovision Song Contest...

      Let that sink in for a minute...

      ... and then get the oddness/silliness/hilarity (strike through what's not applicable) of the situation... :P

  3. Australia can into Europe.

  4. Australia can into Europe.

  5. Australia can into Europe.

  6. Australia can into Europe.

  7. Happy Oz Day! :D

  8. 10 years on from the Boxing Day tsunami... :(

    1. Huston


      RIP indeed on that fateful day :(

  9. Damn ETS2 is fun!

    1. APSMS


      It's seems like such an odd game to be so fun to play. I hate the keyboard controls, though. Can't stay straight in a plane to save myself.

    2. APSMS


      lol. *lane*

    3. __A


      Depending on how straight the motorway is, sometimes I can just let go with cruise control :P

  10. RIP to the innocent victims of the Sydney Siege... #IWillRideWithYou :(

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    2. jmsepe


      What was the motive?

    3. __A


      From my understanding it was a lone wolf act of some sort.. He had committed sexual assault on another woman and killed his ex-wife..

    4. Kiiroitori


      RIP :(, yeah, apparently officials know that he was violent extremist.

  11. Avatar will come to an end next week *sadface*

  12. Since Steam is having a sale for SC4, does anyone know if it works just like the Windows Version on Mac?

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    2. Zelgadis


      So I've heard. I'd recommend poking around in the Mac forum to see if there's anything specific about that.

    3. __A


      Sigh.. I really hope not. Thanks for your help, I'll look around :)

    4. Zelgadis


      Mac just isn't good for any gaming beyond Angry Birds. (And this is coming from someone who owns six Macs.) Personally, I wouldn't bother trying.

  13. Lollipop has started rolling out on Nexus 5! *heavy breathing*

  14. Lest we forget. 11/11

    1. Kiiroitori


      Agreed, Lest we forget. My poppy proudly serves the respect of our service men & women. Let us remember those whom put their lives for our freedom everyday.

    2. MandelSoft


      November 11th, St. Martin's Day...

  15. The chat gods have answered our prayers! We can see everyone's avatars :D

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Hallelujah! Praise the lawd!

    2. NielsC007


      I blame Meister. :P

  16. 3 years on ST today, let's celebrate with a special update :D

  17. Yay, Cup weekend!

  18. Yay, Cup weekend!

  19. That was some storm........

    1. Durfsurn


      ikr... so noisy too

    2. __A


      I thought a bomb went off, woke me up at 6:30 :\

    3. ROFLyoshi


      Yeah, my girlfriend thought it was me snoring waking her up :P Stayed up at 2:30am watching the thunderstorm through the window.

  20. So I bought a MBP... Any suggestions to install or configure on it?

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    2. Haljackey
    3. __A


      timmie: SC4, I've got my deluxe disc but I'll need to wait until I buy a new disc drive cause I broke my old one. Thanks!

      Haljackey: Macbook Pro,

    4. Masissar



      A Macbook Pro (Apple© laptop)

  21. Atarashima. 2 years later. Big task D:

  22. Be natural~

    1. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      I feel like that's C flat. (Music joke.)