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    Salina, Kansas - United States - Livin large in the flatlands

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  1. New kid on the block .... if its conceivable that a 46 yo man can be termed a "new kid", that is. :)

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    2. AtomicChuck65


      Thx for the welcome, looking forward to spending way too much time here ..... seems to be a common affliction. :)

    3. BIWDC


      I am sure there are people here that were older then 46 when they were the new kid so don't worry about it. : ) & welcome to simtrop!

    4. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      Welcome to Simtropolis. I am a teenager, but I am not hormone-charged, so I'm not completely insane. (Emphasis on the completely, I'm still a little bit insane.) Enjoy your stay here at ST. =)