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  1. Welcome to the zoo

    Here is the zoo in South Regent. I'm in the process of adding elephants and rhinos and making the place a little more crowded.
  2. Welcome to South Regent

    Welcome to South Regent. South Regent is a fictional country located on a fictional planet. I'll start off with a picture of what I call Port Sanford (despite it not being a port). That'll be all for now, i'll let you guys decide what you wanna see next time. I promise there'll be more than one screen this time ^^. Farmland. Zoo. Suburbian school.
  3. I'd chose america and live in alaska, but if I couldn't have that I'd chose Australia so I could be with my sister (she's moving there soon )
  4. Sunnyville

    I never understood why people can't see PNG files... It's obviously a mix of this forum software and IE. Cos I can see them at every site on.. even when i use IE, which most of the time I don't... Cute faces, and cute CJ
  5. Let's see your Ctrl+V

    http://rctstop.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1505 something you guys can't access but that's what was lingering there
  6. Schulmania

    I mean I could bid 100,000,000,000 But then someone could bid higher than me at 100,000,000,900, 000 :-/
  7. Schulmania

    Woah this is exactly the kind of stuff that I was looking for my site The problem with your bidding, is anyone can just bid an insane amount of cash as there is definition of cash people have... But they seem like some good homes/plots
  8. Qaddro

    Your city seems very 'dry' It's not a very exciting city as to say, plus I hate one way road arrows.
  9. Planning Gotham City

    Woah, that's a lovely screen.
  10. The Headwaters of Nemonos

    Can't wait to see the downtown
  11. The Headwaters of Nemonos

    I love this city
  12. The Headwaters of Nemonos

    I meant that I left my bath running too long...
  13. The Headwaters of Nemonos

    ^ I am sorry but my flat flooded one night and had to stay in your hotel, the rooms were even worse than my flat.
  14. I really love the first picture Well second.