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  1. Road Textures

    Does anyone have better road textures than the default sc4 ones? There kinda getting boring to me
  2. Jobs

    Hey guys i have a problem. So i have a city with tons of jobs both commercial and industrial and there is tons of jobs still open for sims who don't have them but yet the sims have no jobs. The weird thing is that they are surrounded by buildings which have like 2000-1000 jobs still open. Is this a glitch or just a flaw in my city building skills?
  3. Buildings

    Hello Guys, Im new to simtropolis but i have a problem in sim city. I get annoyed when theres tons of the same buildings all bunched up together for example the pic shows it all. is there any way to fix this so they don't build RIGHT next to each other but a little ways away from eachother?