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  1. These days I mostly treat Cities Skylines as Cities in Motion 3 and as a result I tend to build heavily car focused cities with zero intracity public transport until I reach a population of around 100,000 Cims. At which public transport begins to roll out. Well except metros because they're way too overpowered when it comes to fixing congestion. Man, what I would do for a multiplatform tram terminal.
  2. Well my first choice was for a Mega Factory DLC that had us pumping out airliners, cruise ships and other giant vehicles but that's largely been covered by other suggestions here so onto plan B: Motorsport DLC Cities Skylines already has good road building and route planning tools so how about we use them to make some money. How it would work is that you plop down a start/finish straight with viewing stands on one side and the pit garages & lane on the other. Once plopped down you have two choices with those being either a closed circuit or a street circuit. Like the Matchday stadium there will be two forms of income but in the case it will Sponsors and tickets sold. Closed Circuits These will operate independently from your city's road network and will have a fixed sponsor income but a variable ticket income which is governed by how many viewing stands you place alongside the track. They will be a lot more costly to build compared to street circuits and will take up a lot of space but you have a reliable source of income and a nice showpiece for your city without the hazard of cutting of the fire brigade from a burning building. Street Circuits These will put a lot more pressure on your city but in turn can offer massively rewards. Now adding viewing stands won't be possible for obvious reasons but sponsor income can be boosted by running the race route pass both landmarks and unique buildings with higher ranked unique buildings providing larger multipliers to your sponsor income. The catch of course is that parts of your city's road network will be closed off to traffic. Also since booster building are a thing as per the concert's update we could throw a few of those in like a broadcasting station, a weather station and a Supercar factory.