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  1. I don't have much time because I'm baking Christmas cookies but I edited my post so as to avoid borderline spamming The Donald Trump's thread. You can find sources for your own pleasure this cold Friday. Enjoy your weekend.

    Peace out!


    1. MilitantRadical


      Christmas cookies, yummy.

      I need to know what you're talking about in order to find sources. If you say, for example, that Trump "defamed" Mrs. Clinton, NYT, or journalists, it helps if you tell me which specific statements you're talking about 'cause Trump has said a lot of things about a lot of people. I'll only get myself into trouble if I assume what you're talking about.

      One of my primary debate "rules" is to find out what people know, or what they think they know, and where they're getting that knowledge so I can backtrack and examine it for myself. I wasn't even aware of the Cheri Jacobus defamation lawsuit. I don't know everything, although I may act like it sometimes. So it helps if you can specify.

      Happy Holidays,


    2. OcramsRzr


      I have read some of The Donald's Tweets and seen at least half of most of his speeches. Just because someone doesn't press charges doesn't mean he didn't make defamatory comments. Go ahead and read his Tweets and brush up on the definitions of libel, compare his speeches to the definition of slander.