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  1. Balancing Classes

    Ok, so here's the scenario: I've been working on an isolated city which consists of a number of small, close islands. It's now at a size of nearing 250,000 and still increasing in density. Now, nearly all the neighbourhoods are successful, bustling areas- commercial zones, high tech industry parks, and suburban areas. This is with the exception of one- there is one mixed area which has a well developed central commercial area, surrounded by pockets of high tech industry dispersed in mixed (mostly middle class and some upper class) residential housing. All zones here are well established- the commercial area is a medium density with a good mix of wealth, the industrial areas are fully developed, and the residential areas vary from light suburban housing to maximum density high rise apartment blocks. Now the problem: Some of the residential zones here are abandoned or without jobs. This contrasts with the rest of the city (including neighbourhoods with similar history and geography). The only negative desirabilities are some traffic flow, and a little pollution as a result (which is a little lower than the city average), and also the commute time keeps coming up quite a bit higher than the city average. I've noticed that, on average, it is lower class residential which has the abondonment problem more, and I suspect this is because there are only "higher class" jobs available in the area? Although, commute times come up fairly high for upper class residential too. This neighbourhood otherwise has good desirability in every area, although I have noticed that despite having good school coverage, the education levels seem to have taken longer to build up here, even though it is quite an old neighbourhood in the city. One other theory could be that the neighbourhood was originally entirely residential to provide workers for the expanding industry and commerce of adjacent neighbourhoods, so the residents are still in the jobs they were originally? However, it has been about 100 years or so since the neighbourhood was established and both zoning and buildings have changed a lot since then... I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas/theories/remedies? I am using Sim City 4 without any expansion packs, mods or cheats.