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  1. Old Stone Church

  2. Palace Stadium Re-Lot

  3. SHK Parking Pack

  4. Hillside Manor

    Not bad. Night lights?
  5. LDS Church (Mormon) Meetinghouse

    These things are all over where I live in South-Eastern Idaho. It's good to see an Idaho-Utah bat.
  6. In Soviet Russia...

    In Soviet Russia, jazz swings you!
  7. Expand This Word

    Plow->Powerful know
  8. Funny pictures

  9. Oh, man, Christmas is over. Time to clean up, take down decorations, and sigh. *sigh*

    1. KonstantinII


      why take down the decorations?

      leave them for new year

    2. Benja_Pink


      Droopy, dry, and dead tree branches...and my kitten likes to climb the tree.

  10. BAT Request Thread

    Anything in downtown Bozeman, Montana, USA, it's all Smalltown, USA wall-2-wall style. Also, the Idaho Falls Mormon Temple.