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  1. Video from the loop bridge

    It is a part of the city currently under construction http://makuriotoko.tumblr.com/post/117397514959/cities-skylines
  2. Screenshot Niihama Region

    This area is under development now.
  3. The suburbs in Japan

    It is a screen shot along a global image and a trunk road.
  4. Update 9 - Yaga Shinkansen Depot

    Cool! It is a realistic rail yard.
  5. Thank you for the comment in the last time entry. It is making little by little. The transportation network and the division are reconstructed. This picture is one of the shopping quarter.
  6. Development record start

    The Niihama city is a city in fictitious Japan. (Since English is awkward, I need to forgive.) A skyscraper, a back street, a harbor, an airport, the suburbs, etc. are made willfully, and go. It is due to develop centering on a man-made island.