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  1. I'm kind of a newbie, and so I'm looking for advice from the ol' good vetrans of SimCity 4. I've come to you to seek guidance in my search for the figures of the job/population-distribution like High-Tech and $$$-Residents. I've seen some post that xy-Building provides thisandthis many jobs, and I know in regional view you can see how many office and industry jobs you have but is can you get more information like exactly how many $$$-Sims do I have? 'Coz I really like to get a solar whatever plant for new energy supply and the requirement is 3,000 wealthy Sims. My population is over 25,000 and I still haven't unlocked that achievement! I'd like to see how many more wealthy Sims I gotta attract! Thank you very much in advance, And I'm sorry about my random ranting.