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  1. Help with Plugins!

    Hey guys, finally decided to get back into SC4 after a year or two break. My question is regarding why the plug ins wont work for me. I have extracted them all into the Plug-in area, organized them according to Building, Ordinance, etc. And they still won't work. Ive checked all the menus they should have appeared in and double checked for any dependencies and still nothing. These are the plugins Ive chosen to download. Garbage Dock Underground Park Pack GDV Toll Booth Millenium Tower Pencil Towers Pack Vienna Tower Washington Tower Air purification towers Bridge Height fixer Cheat plugin Super Demand And none of them are working. Whats interesting tho, is I have downloaded the latest NAM and that is working and is on the game, but these other plugins wont. What do I need to do? Or what am I doing wrong?
  2. Crashing

    So I recently downloaded the NAM, and the game worked perfect. I went on vacation for 4 days, came back and downloaded the plugins (Simoleon Trees, Demand Ordinance, and Legalize Marijuana) Since then I cannot even start SC4 Deluxe without it crashing when the "EA Games" circle comes flying in! Help?
  3. NAM General Support Topic

    I just downloaded the NAM and have some questions. 1) The Tram/Light Rail in Intersections. How to do make the Trams/RL go through the intersections? I cannot seem to figure out how.. 2) High Monorail/Elevated Rail Pieces What are their usage? I dont see the use of them, besides having them go over Elevated Highway. But it wont let me do that either. Am I missing other downloads needed to make these work?