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  1. Can't see mansions.

    sorted!! thanks i think i will come across many more brown boxes due to my errors. genius Captcity, thankyou
  2. Can't see mansions.

    i dl those 2 bldgprops but to no avail. i should move them to plugins as usual? The rar file is just called luxury_mansion in my downloads folder and yea it came from the STEX, is there a new stex collections coming out soon? i think i might completely remove all trace of the game from the laptop, re install and donate. does the cd sort everything out on its own? your patience is much appreciated Capt city, its not hard to see why u have the ribbon for being such a help.
  3. Can't see mansions.

    R$$$2_4x3 House_8d59c99c.SC4Lot Is this any good? i tried dragging the rar file over and the individual files but it wont work. i am so bad with computers. I am only realising also how in depth people can be with this sim. some amazing cities. I normally play xbl, call of duty. But since a child playing sim city that was on three floppy disks, i have always had a desire for it.
  4. Can't see mansions.

    hello, just realised i had a msg, thanks for your time. I should start by saying i fix cars, so my laptop skills are limited. about the luxury mansions they are brown paper parcels, but the garden looks ok i think. i tried downloading what i thought might be the dependencies for these items but im stuck. it might be better to just delete them from plugins? again sorry for my ignorance and thanks for your time
  5. Hi all, im a $%&^!! can anyone enlighten me as to what i need so as i can see my luxury mansions? they are R$$$ with 29 residents, and Hooters!!! ahhhh!!!! thanks