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  1. Graphical... I don't know what to call it >_<

    Honestly? I never even look at my graphics options outside of game--I actually didn't know that they had settings that were defined outside of game So I should also thank you for educating me on this problem in case it ever comes up again in another game! Much appreciated, and SC4's been running silky smooth since I found this site. No crashes AND I can see stuff in the game now
  2. Graphical... I don't know what to call it >_<

    So far it looks like normal! Thanks!
  3. This is what I've been looking at since placing this game on my Windows 7 computer (resized, so that it's not eating the entire page). It will go away and look normal or distorted at random. I've also had a few crashes, although I can't find the exceptions folder that you guys normally ask for. =( I did a couple of the tweaks suggested to other users and it's been okay so far today DX Diag pic: Any hints? Thanks in advance!