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  1. Red Dragon Limited

    Absolutely incredible.
  2. Fort Silver National Park - Pt. 2

    oh my...what a railroad interchange!
  3. Arrow Hills

    I commend you on how the country club integrates so perfectly with the neighborhood! You made it a beautiful place.
  4. Manhattan from the sky.

    No I think kench was referring to the landforms that represent piers...?
  5. A sneak preview

    I really like where this is going...
  6. ALNITAK 2-NS6

    Oh my...how beautiful
  7. Gambling in Shaston City

    Very entertaining! I would be totally down for the Medieval Experience, personally.
  8. San Lorenzo University

    I like the university's downtown area! And the student interviews are spot on, ha.
  9. Pasipalm- Road to Polis

    Develop an avenue that borders the coast. R and C lots that face it are very desirable and it additionally provides a scenic thoroughfare! Also, that 2x2 block between the hospital and school would look nice if it were a park or plaza. Love the beach houses and water mod you have.
  10. Update 5- Change and Instability.

    Growing up in Iowa I noticed railroads as an integral part of old river towns like Burlington, Fort Madison, Keokuk, and the Quad Cities. Thus, a railroad is essential to river towns like this, especially in the era that Carlaville grows. The north side of the river seems to be the best place to put a railroad through, I believe. Anyways, I appreciate the small town feel with abundant use of streets, but inevitably you'll have to streamline more routes by putting in roads as your town develops.