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  1. Debating on going back to RHD considering the lack of support + bugs with LHD >.>

    1. Tarkus


      If you're referring to the NAM side of things, we're trying to do what we can, but unfortunately, we're still reeling after losing our superhuman LHDifier awhile ago. One of us non-LHD users typically ends up having to do it on top of our other developmental/tech support/bugfixing tasks, and we're 90% less efficient at it.

    2. ausa07


      Nah it's mainly other mods I have that don't have a LHD support or are buggy and visual things like the rail crossings being incorrect in LHD that are overwhelming me =P But yeah I heard the NAM team has a lack of LHD members. I appreciate all you at the NAM team do and I know LHD has been a bit of a headache for you guys. Extra kudos to you all for still persevering through =]