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  1. I wish there were suburban shopping centres ploppables (with jobs) for SC4 like the big Westfield ones we have here in Australia. If only I knew how to make BATs

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    2. ausa07


      Yoshi: No but I used to live by "Knifepoint" lol and DFO Essendon. I only ever went there, Melb Central, Doncaster, Chadstone and DFO South Wharf. That be awesome if you did, I'd appreciate more Aussie BATs (besides high rises). I think if I ever learned BATing my first attempt would be Hungry Jack's =P

    3. ROFLyoshi


      Doncaster would make a good BAT though.

    4. ausa07


      It really would. Plus it would add some variety to the existing (and few) shopping centres that exist for SC4.