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  1. Back to school again... ._.

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    2. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      @Evillions: I'm in 2/3 (I could be in 3/3, but I didn't feel like it) honors classes, and I agree.

    3. XXProtoXX


      Lucky Yall my class is full of snobs and people way over there heads buried in there own attitudes. By the way don't even ask where im from - YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH - JKL Kinda. Dueces.

    4. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      @mrhindscounty: Ummm....okay. But actually, my honors classes are filled with a bunch of ego-maniacs and snobs who can't pull their mind out of their own life for one second to learn something. And I wasn't even going to ask where you were from.