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  1. Choosing a map for my CJ... Decisions, decisions...

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    2. Jack³


      :O What type of city do you plan on doing? (I hope it is American like Highland) Blatimore, Maryland is a great map.
    3. Haljackey


      Eaton is a great one. ST's most downloaded map!

    4. The Avatar

      The Avatar

      @Link: That's what I've been doing. It sure takes a while, though.

      @Jack: Yep, it will be American. I'm deciding between using Lowkee's Appalachian Terrain Mod and one of CP's. I like that Lowkee's is in HD, but the terrain looks a bit too dry for what I'm looking for. I'm also deciding between using one of CP's tree controllers or the recently released VIP/Girafe tree controller. Decisions, decisions...

      @Ryan: Thanks for the suggestion! :)