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  1. Try going to the environement setting and delete environement map. I had the same problem when rendering in 3dsmax2013 and saving the rendering as a .png file, doing that fixed it for me, but I didn't try it when rendering for simcity4, but it's worth the shot
  2. Hi, I have been making a city building game app with someone for months, I'm making the graphics. It's now launched, play it, and let me know what do you think It's like a mini Simcity, it have game stats that shows you the desirability of the zones, happiness (the less happy the less revenues), simple terraforming, and other features... Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spheregamestudios.designercity Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sphere-Game-Studios-Designer-City/dp/B00XASNIMQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1431122271&sr=1-1&keywords=designercity Slideme: https://slideme.org/application/designercity https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spheregamestudios.designercity Oh, and if you have buildings' suggestions for the game let me know and I'll try to make it
  3. Is it just me or Simtropolis removed the chat feature?
  4. Hi, It's been some time since I came to Simtropolis, I only came every once in a while to check things out, and I noticed that Simtropolis have been slowly dying. The chat which is my favorite place rarely have anyone. I have some suggestions that can help revive Simtropolis to it's former glory, to make Simtropolis great again - pun inteded. I'll break it into parts. The STEX: Choosing from the categories which game you would like to download stuff for is very annoying, simpler approach would be best, for exemple when you enter STEX you will have 3 clickable images, each one will take you to the STEX of the approprate game, for exemple a clickable image for SimCity 2013 STEX, another one for Cities skylines, and another one for SimCity 4, and more if there is. Currently when I choose to enter the STEX for SimCity 4 (or the other ones) the listing is using the webpage space very inefficiently, it looks messy and ugly, I liked Simtropolis as it was before, now the while website looks very messy and not inviting at all as it used to be, what happened? On a positive side, I like the extra options that we now have to have a quicker access to see our activity in the forum or in the STEX, also the sorting options, those are great and can be useful for many. The Home Page: it looks messy, the featured city journals don't look as it used to be, and the frame of it is a little boring. The STEX Featured and the Newly Added Files sections look not as good as it used to be, the featured stuff images should be bigger to fill all that wasted empty space and maybe take those sections to the top of the home page right above or right under the featured city journals section or maybe on the side. Somewhere less far away from the top of the page. The "From The Gallery" is not being used much and it's navigation is not inviting to use, as a proof for that you never find any like or comments on gallery images. It's a bit not user-friendly. Simtropolis Challenges Winners Podium section should be higher in the home page. Basically I think that you need to show the best stuff at the home page to impress and invite new comers and to make them stay, try to put best quality stuff and add more variations. The Forums: The forums sections is fine and looks great, no problem there. The City Journals: In just few words, it's ugly, it's a bit of a mess, it used to be better in the past, easier to navigate and easier to find stuff. The chat: No problem there, but I have an idea to make it alive again, along with Simtropolis, everyone are mostly using smartphones now, why not an app for Simtropolis chat? Or an app that let players watch the city journals, the forums and enter the chat (they don't need to download from the STEX or anything, but maybe seeing the STEX files and commenting on them would also be useful), it should be a light app for quick use, people don't chat from PC as often as before. I imagine something like a cross between Instagram but with a chatroom for everyone to chat in, something like messengers' pop out chat window that is easy to use and won't force you to quit any other running apps or to stop playing your game to type a word or two in chat. I think it will be a big update and would bring some life back to Simtropolis. Also maybe some advertising for Simtropolis on Facebook or other places? Or simply Youtube videos? I don't know.. I'm just not sure what you can do about this, esspecially the funding for that. I also suggest to add a bit more ads to Simtropolis to bring more funding to your website to keep improving and doing the great work! Maybe a video ad from time to time, or an optional section of the website where members can watch ads or leave ads playing to help Simtropolis? Ads in a Simtropolis app that can be desabled by making a payment would make more sense. Another way to bring more funding to Simtropolis is to have a shop section where you sell game keys for Cities Skylines, SimCity 4, and the other city building games, and even strategy games like Age of Empires or Age of Mythology and others... basically concentrating on building games. These are just my opinions All the best
  5. Kazuki's Road Divider Park Lots

    Well done mentioning the original maker! Very useful file too, thanks
  6. Kazuki's Underbridge Lots

    Well done mentioning the original maker! Very useful file too, thanks
  7. There Will Be Diagonals!

    What an amazing D! From now I will always call them a D! My D is better thought, I'll post them in a CJ sometimes xD
  8. Developing the City of Pololomia

    Very nice city! It looks very realistic
  9. More images from my ctiy (Simtropolis) from Designer City. The images are from the city building game app Designer City. <---- Still in progress, you can still see alot of empty areas on the sides
  10. Simtropolis: Down Town & City Center

    What's CBD? You only one city tile in Designer City unlike SimCity 4, after all it's a mobile game, but the size of the tile is large. I'll post an overview of the city in the next update
  11. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I love how Simtropolis care of it's members RIP Nonny Moose.
  12. The Torch

    Very creative design!
  13. Greece - Part III

    Amazing work as usual! I love the amount of details you put into this. Isn't the 5th image from a CJ somewhere? I remember seeing it before. I'm glad that my BATs are being used
  14. This is from my city "Simtropolis" from a game called Designer city (available on the playstore and appstore). It's summer now, and what better place to be other than the beach?
  15. Tour of Africa: North Africa

    Amazing sceneries as usual, you nailed it with these scenes, but it doesn't quite show the diversity of North Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30qZOnPxT20 <- Long video (Algeria), it shows a great diversity of sceneries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDpWQBRwqwA <- Short video (Tunisia)
  16. Simtropolis: Military Base

    This is the military base of my city, Simtropolis from the game Designer city (mobile city building game).
  17. New: Discord Chat for Simtropolis

    Awesome, thank you for your hard work!
  18. Designer City: Simtropolis

    This is the military base of my city, Simtropolis from the game Designer city (mobile city building game).
  19. Tour of Africa: West Africa

    Amazing work as usual! I love the new buildings you made, when will we get to download them? Are you going to make North Africa and Egypte too?
  20. Hospital

    Thanks, it's been a very long time since I made this. I'll add your comment to the file description
  21. Hospital



    The hospital have a range of 900 meters, 10000 patient capacity. It's costs you 1200-1000 each month. No dependencies are needed. Kimlea noted that there is a small problem with night lights in this file, if you have that problem or if it bothers you try hes solution: ""Very good building but it has a slight fixable problem with the night lights. This file has an invisible building and the actual hospital is a prop. Unfortunately the creator forgot to activate the night lights for the hospital prop. To get the night lights to work just open the file Tn hospital-0x6534284a-0x7a9a66d0-0xdb576264.SC4Desc in the “Reader” and in the Exemplar file change the value of "Light" (double-click) from False to True by changing the hex number from 0x00 to 0x01 "" I didn't try it but it's worth the shot I think. (installation: place it in the file "plugins" in your simcity4 directory or in "my documents"; "simcity4", 'plugins"..) The trees models are done by kd5rax http://www.simtropol...5-forest-props/ I updated the file, so now there's a helicopter, and a helipad on the hospital.