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  1. Kazuki's Road Divider Park Lots

    Well done mentioning the original maker! Very useful file too, thanks
  2. Kazuki's Underbridge Lots

    Well done mentioning the original maker! Very useful file too, thanks
  3. There Will Be Diagonals!

    What an amazing D! From now I will always call them a D! My D is better thought, I'll post them in a CJ sometimes xD
  4. Developing the City of Pololomia

    Very nice city! It looks very realistic
  5. More images from my ctiy (Simtropolis) from Designer City. The images are from the city building game app Designer City. <---- Still in progress, you can still see alot of empty areas on the sides
  6. Simtropolis: Down Town & City Center

    What's CBD? You only one city tile in Designer City unlike SimCity 4, after all it's a mobile game, but the size of the tile is large. I'll post an overview of the city in the next update
  7. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I love how Simtropolis care of it's members RIP Nonny Moose.
  8. The Torch

    Very creative design!
  9. Greece - Part III

    Amazing work as usual! I love the amount of details you put into this. Isn't the 5th image from a CJ somewhere? I remember seeing it before. I'm glad that my BATs are being used
  10. This is from my city "Simtropolis" from a game called Designer city (available on the playstore and appstore). It's summer now, and what better place to be other than the beach?
  11. Tour of Africa: North Africa

    Amazing sceneries as usual, you nailed it with these scenes, but it doesn't quite show the diversity of North Africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30qZOnPxT20 <- Long video (Algeria), it shows a great diversity of sceneries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDpWQBRwqwA <- Short video (Tunisia)
  12. Simtropolis: Military Base

    This is the military base of my city, Simtropolis from the game Designer city (mobile city building game).
  13. New: Discord Chat for Simtropolis

    Awesome, thank you for your hard work!
  14. Designer City: Simtropolis

    This is the military base of my city, Simtropolis from the game Designer city (mobile city building game).
  15. Tour of Africa: West Africa

    Amazing work as usual! I love the new buildings you made, when will we get to download them? Are you going to make North Africa and Egypte too?
  16. Hospital

    Thanks, it's been a very long time since I made this. I'll add your comment to the file description
  17. Hospital



    The hospital have a range of 900 meters, 10000 patient capacity. It's costs you 1200-1000 each month. No dependencies are needed. Kimlea noted that there is a small problem with night lights in this file, if you have that problem or if it bothers you try hes solution: ""Very good building but it has a slight fixable problem with the night lights. This file has an invisible building and the actual hospital is a prop. Unfortunately the creator forgot to activate the night lights for the hospital prop. To get the night lights to work just open the file Tn hospital-0x6534284a-0x7a9a66d0-0xdb576264.SC4Desc in the “Reader” and in the Exemplar file change the value of "Light" (double-click) from False to True by changing the hex number from 0x00 to 0x01 "" I didn't try it but it's worth the shot I think. (installation: place it in the file "plugins" in your simcity4 directory or in "my documents"; "simcity4", 'plugins"..) The trees models are done by kd5rax http://www.simtropol...5-forest-props/ I updated the file, so now there's a helicopter, and a helipad on the hospital.
  18. Is it just me or Simtropolis removed the chat feature?
  19. Tour of Africa: Introduction

    I have made alot of North African themed buildings for SC4, you can find them here, I hope they can be useful for you http://community.simtropolis.com/profile/407556-il/content/?type=downloads_file You can find old city walls that you can maybe use Check my CJ for inspiration about the theme, these CJs are old, so many images are not there anymore, but you can still see alot http://community.simtropolis.com/journals/entry/12094-paradise-on-earth/
  20. SunnySide 60

    Another great work!