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  1. Hey, could someone please help me with my math homework???



    Timothy wants to find out whether taking a train or a bus will help improve his commute:

    The train travels at an average 70 km/h over a 32.8 km distance.

    The bus travels at an average 56 km/h over a 27.94 km distance.

    Of these two transit options, which will allow Timothy to arrive the soonest at his decision that the daily grind, and moreover, late-stage capitalism as a whole is but a sham; where the worker itself is a commodity that can be disposed of effortlessly by corporations thanks to the deskilling of the workforce and Timothy's prior realization that his body is an empty, soulless, biological cavern; whittled away at from the inside-out by the exposure of his personal aspirations as mere falsehoods, propped-up by the corporate world to sustain their human capital as long as feasibly possible?



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      @Thin White Duke N... no... wrong answer. It's /r/im14andthisiscommoncorecurriculum.

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      I was going to ask if they both had the same starting and ending points until you went all r/communism