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  1. Quote

    Roses are red

    Poems are hard

    Simtroplis' chatroom is dead *:(

    So I made you this "get well soon!" card:


    I know this doesn't mean much to many of you

    I was often chat's only user

    or as some might say

    the chatroom's serial abuser.


    Chat is in its waning days

    but for a while there, it rocked

    Now useless internet points (TM) are the only sunshine rays

    and some, ugh... "achievements unlocked".

    - Ezra Pound  Bipin, 2017

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    2. Bipin


      @Thin White Duke Hehe! So by pointing it out, what does that make you then - a dutifully observant sadist? :D

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      I don't mind poking fun at you, no. I think that goes both ways. *:thumb:

    4. Bipin


      @Thin White Duke Haha yes - I can definitely agree with you there! :yes: