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  1. your




    highly predictable.

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    2. OcramsRzr


      It has been postulated that human beings are the only things with free will. We can exert our will on other things and approximate free will in simulations.

    3. RandyE


      f/0.0 lens ?  Is that the same as forgetting to take the lens cap off?  *:lol:

      It seems determinism is always an idea that can defeat free-will simply by asserting that whatever argument opposes it may also have been determined.  Its an infinite recursive argument. 

      So as twisted and convoluted, circular or linear, or hyper-cubical, as we may perceive time, the standard physics idea of an absolute origin of the universe is where all time would be a singular instance at some kind of location --such an instant/location would precede any motion, speed or mass of any matter in space.   That's where research must, and yet is, seemingly ultimately focusing on.  

      What happens if we fire a photon (if we could) through the little pinhole at the absolute origin of the universe?

    4. OcramsRzr


      On a grand scale, predictions can be made from knowledge of history, statistics, and anthropology. The better your understanding of the past, the better your prediction of the future will be.

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