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  1. Hey guys So I've been getting to the point now where I can create a city that is in profit they have turned their backs on Dirty Industry and am getting a nice amount of hi teq industry also many of my sims are in the $$ to $$$ bracket ( yay ) Now the game was basically screaming at me to build $$$ office space telling me I should zone some more etc , so i zoned myself out a nice square in a desirable location. I made sure it was connected well by road/tubes and buses there where some park systems dotted around as well as fire and police coverage but would they grow WOULD THEY HELL . Even though the game was telling me to zone for more $$$ office spaces the rci was telling me to as well as my city planner. I made sure the zone was in a highly desirable location , no pollution anywhere, the zone was close to a $$ med dense commercial area that has been doing well for at least a couple of years now, Residential was closish but not too close . Am i missing something obvious is there a variable I'm not factoring in ? Getting a bit frustrated because it feels that this stepping stone might unlock the mysteries of building tall cities so I can finally grow my own skyscraper Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Basic FAQ

    thanks very much guys
  3. Basic FAQ

    Hey I'm really new to the whole city building this , but since Ive got the game I cant stop playing it. I Was just wondering if there is somewhere I can find a basic how to oh the basics of how what makes a city tic and what are the Requirements for different tech levels. Also as a really new player to this sort of game should i just try to learn the game before i commence with the NAM download and other such stuff ? Also is there a way to redownload the tutorials as I would like to play them through again. Thanks in advance Doug