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  1. Black Buildings

    Thanks! i love this website already i checked out both links. I dl the less abandonment mod and ill c how that works. I just hate when i already layed out my city then the buildings are switching from abandoned to reg. frequently. I just gotta add better mass transit and hope for the best! thanks appreciate it! Yes i have NAM and the simulator but idk how the simulator works. do i run it while i play? ill work with it a bit lol hope for the best thanks!
  2. Hey everyone! I love this website and thanks for everyone who puts mods and buildings and other great stuff here! But im not sure what its called or if there is an existing mod for the buildings that get abandoned or deserted. I hate seeing them look nasty when nicer buildings are near and i was hoping that there is something i can do to get rid of the abandoned look. Thanks for those who help!