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  1. Show us your bridges!

    That's right. The first upload causes the game to crash for some reason. I re-upload it one week after an the file works this time. It has been available in workshop since then.
  2. Show us your bridges!

    Another one on its way. Still gonna be cable-stayed this time.
  3. Travel Question

    Once a friend came to Japan to stay and travel with me. I mostly poke around buildings and study architecture, while my friend is a anime lover. There is no way to plan a route to fully satisfy both our travel goals. One week later we end up going our separate ways on day time and only come together at night at the hotel. It was still a good experience, we would talk about where we traveled during the day and we get to share our hotel bills. That changed briefly when we climbed Fuji - we stick together for safety measure. But once we were done we go separate again. So for your question, I think it really depends on whether you and your friend have the same interest or not, and/ or where you are going. For parents, I think I would still travel with them if they wanted to, and try to tolerate them as long as things aren't really too bad. They are my family, after all. Of course, If I am going to someplace that is absolutely safe and without language barrier, I definitely prefer going alone. I just love to be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want, with absolutely no arguments.
  4. Show us your bridges!

    Well it is not in workshop indeed. I am still refining the 3D model and LOD for better performance. The bridge will probably be published next week or so.
  5. Show us your bridges!

    Some updates on night views:
  6. Show us your bridges!

    Here's mine:
  7. CBT AON Center

  8. Rose Tower

  9. Grass Wall

  10. Air Filter (1x1 Round)