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  1. Update 2 | Out of the island

    what flora do you use, and how u make the beach? It's awesome, so realistic!!
  2. A Last Look Back

    [quote name='paeng' timestamp='1339196417'] I think most of the horse props are from Megapack RT Vol 01... [/quote] okay,very well thanks, that's great
  3. A Last Look Back

    whoa,incredible, it's amazing..!! dear Paeng, i interested in your horse caravan, where I can get it Thanks,
  4. Karmesinrot - the lake and dam

    how do you make this beauty dam and river and flora in the surrounding river, may u share it
  5. Welcome to the Sultanate of Yogyakarta!

    Very NIce, another South East Asian region shot...
  6. Lets go Camp to Bear Island (AOWN)

    I want to camp there Superb, dude
  7. The Replies @dubaidude303 : Yes, It is the concept that I bring in those updates. Thank you. @Simul8ter8 : Thanks for the comment @Fox : Thanks for you visit and your interest. I will join as fast as possible I can. It is still in progress. @zahrul3 :Thanks for your advise. I will try it in my later update Hi there, I'm sorry..I can't update anymore pictures, I get stucked, need some inspiration and Real Life strikes too hard, I'll give you just one picture as a teaser Check this out.... Thanks for your visit
  8. Goedhaltung, the capital city of Kingdom Himmelschön, After 5 hours on the plane, we finally land at the Haimlet international airport, today we want to take a walk in the capital city of Kingdom Himmelschön, Goedhaltung, we ride a cab to go around the city and just right next to the airport there is a golf course and the surrounding little shop, a good choice to relax our body we go straight, just follow the main road, then we meet the old town,the classic town, and this is the core town at past after the bridge we can see the antique hospital and a big cemetery just right after it at the classic town we can visit some shop, take a walk or we can visit the biggest cathedral in there north to the cathedral we can also visit the King's house (in the front) and the House of parliament (in the back) too they are look so classic and elegant, isn't it? bored with the old building we can move to the heart of nowadays city, the CBD the CBD lies between the highways and rail roads, making it very easy to reach and makes it easy to relate to other cities After we are tired touring all day long, it seems that the tour in the first day must be ended and we can continue it tomorrow. Now It's time to search the hotel to stay. In the north we can choose so many expensive hotel because they lie near the central city but in the south we can stay at cheap hotel because they are far from the city. It's your own choice where you want to stay yeah I think that's all of our journey today. See you at the next chance.... Thank you : Leave comment please === Bonus pic,the CBD's at night, It looks so glam... :thumbsup:
  9. RFY Viaducts

    thank you pLynn
  10. RFY Viaducts

    whoaa,,thats great,,a big viaduct station.., umm,anyway does somebody know where i can get the mod that can make my road like in the picture (in bottom of the pic) thankyou
  11. Update 01 | Welcome to our Kingdom

    [quote name='NMUSpidey' timestamp='1336395149'] It's nice. The mosaic was awesome, and the little picture looks like paradise. Well done! [/quote] thank you so much may my teasers can tease you [quote name='TowerDude' timestamp='1336395630'] Looks great ! [/quote] very well thanks....
  12. Eastbitin City - The City of Dream

    [quote name='NurelFayed' timestamp='1336384533'] where is the link [/quote] Follow these links: [url]http://bit.ly/IA7Lag[/url] and [url]http://bit.ly/IpWwAA[/url]. Download them all and then replace the same ones in C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe, Beware: before doing this, you must make a copy of your files in another folder in fact, 7 of 10 people say it works...
  13. Update 01 | Welcome to our Kingdom

    hahahha,,hello too :shakehand
  14. Update 01 | Welcome to our Kingdom

    Hi there and hello all...Welcome to my Kingdom, Permit me to guide you all to take a walk in my Kingdom, but before we tour over my Kingdom lets take a look to my teasers, The first one is the random mosaic from the first Kingdom, the Himmelschön and here is the teaser from my second Kingdom, the Célestebonne Hope you enjoy the teaser