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  1. Problem with night lights on buildins

    Ok I understand.
  2. Problem with night lights on buildins

    I have Deluxe. Now I understand. I have used a crack, so that's why patch is not working. So there is no another way to make these buildings in light?
  3. Problem with night lights on buildins

    I was trying to patch the game by instructions, but there were some errors while patching so it don't work. These errors: Missing or Invalid Registry/INI Entry Old file does not exist So what is this why is it so?
  4. Hi. I'm from Europe so I may have some mistakes in English. I've downloaded some BAT buildings, they are very high (skyscrapers). They look great but at night they are in full dark! I made a screenshot so you can see it. I don't know why they don't turn on the lights! Can you help me? Thanks.