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  1. a work in progress

    Some of the vids are excellent. In fact, I just re-installed the game and am starting a new city to help pass time during the blizzard. The videos are a great tutorial of sorts. Good luck!
  2. DK 35 One Financial Plaza / Gold Building

    Just drove past this building on Sunday. Great job! 
  3. Sylt XL

    I like it a lot. I'm going to use this region as the foundation for my return to SimCity 4. Thank you so much for the creative geography you selected. 
  4. 01 - Welcome to Silverport

    Love the piers and industrial park
  5. Harrisburg - Pennsylvania

    I'd love to see one of Lancaster County
  6. Police Station (Hck)

    Maybe now I can do something about that damn airport crime. Nice addition!
  7. Sylt XL