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  1. Terrain mods, what's your favorite? (need tips/ideas)

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    2. Indiana Joe

      Indiana Joe

      I have actually found the Baijo Terrain mod by Heblem to be the most satisfactory. It's supposed to be a semi-desert climate but I think it works great as a general American/European grassland and forest mod.

    3. Alejandro24


      I agree with Indiana Joe. El Bajio Terrain Mod is one of the best terrain mods for warm and semidesertic climate, but it is adjustable for many places of the world. Also Chihuahua Terrain Mod is great for desertic climate.

    4. emperordaniel


      My favorite is the Olympic Terrain Mod, which has numerous groups of daisies and small bushes scattered across the terrain at low elevations, and as you go higher, alpine meadows, rock outcroppings, scree slopes, and finally, snowy ravines and mountain peaks. It also contains a rock mod, so no need to download a seperate mod to get rid of those ugly Maxis cliffs.