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  1. A similar incident on this forum led me here, but I doped out my own answer and I hope it helps others. If you have Avira running, you may want to uninstall it, that was the solution the other fellows needed. In my case, SimCity 4 worked fine if I logged in as someone else. So it couldn't be a bad or dirty disc as some suggested. The hardware had to be okay too. Comparing profiles, I found a SimCity folder in the Documents folder. When you run SimCity for the first time, it creates this folder in your Documents folder. It worked once I replaced the broken SimCity folder with the new one generated from a new account I made using User Accounts control panel. For those who dig deeper, swapping out the Regions folder does the job too. In my case, I think the "Timbuktu folder was at fault, but I'd dug deep enough considering I wasn't getting paid to fix this. Find other users' SimCity folders by going to c:\Documents and Settings\username\Documents\SimCity. If this solution was posted previously, a Google search didn't turn it up. I'm adding search terms that would have reeled me in. meta search: sim city simcity 4 folder splash page crash crashing after upon seconds ctd desktop quits quitting loading before during