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  1. Autolib C1

    car shareing........ in real life this would quickly turn into car stealing, but cool
  2. Large Freight Station

    [quote name='ps2owner' timestamp='1296600999'] @jgellock never mind, I can't replace those pics because of my crappy internet (NetZero(their internet speed is amost the number in the name NetZERO) I'll get a wi-fi adapter in a about a month or two though. @otua it will let UDI pass through it. I haven't figured out how to get UDI to spawn(this is in the description) @Lot Creator sounds good, any suggestions.(I'm trying not to put any depencies in this lot. [/quote] You should try comcast, Aka Crapcast, All they cast to us is crap...overpriced crap....
  3. Unlimited Simoleons Production

    And we wonder whats causeing all this inflation xD Nice.
  4. Tropicala

    Beutiful, Needs trees
  5. Main Railway Station by logan123456

    I love the idea for it, But im not going to sit around and download about 20 other files to get it to work, I sugest to get people like me to download it, Take the files from the other addons, Then put them in and give credit for the stuff in say a readme.