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  1. UPDATED Downtown Birmingham

    Thanks all, this is my first Cj and I have worked on this city for around a year and decided to make it a CJ. I will try to fix the buildings that grow the same, but I have so many that my city would look empty..
  2. UPDATED Downtown Birmingham

    Hello all and thanks for all the views and comments! We are now going to focus on the main city tonight. Birmingham is the state capitol of Alabama and has 1,106,409 million people. (The city is based on Birmingham Alabama and is not the same as the real one. This city has about as much population as the real Birmingham Metropolitan area.) Downtown Skyline Jackson Bridge connecting Downtown to Midtown, along with Otis Island, a strange small island. Downtown is home to the World Commerce Center. This is a five building complex where as all of them are some of the tallest in the city. (The really really bright building is part of the complex as the fifth tower.) The small airport that connects to the islands out in the ocean part of the region. Endless Buildings The oldest bridge in the city. The bridge was built way before main development if the city was large. Historians believe it to have been built in 1760 to connect each side of the river together. Lady Liberty, a symbol not only for the city, but one for the country. Birmingham Rages Stadium, recently rebuilt after a massive fire roared through the city clearing many buildings.
  3. Coming Soon!

    Thanks all! And It started as the copy of Birmingham, Alabama but kinda blew out of proportion.. I will try to get some new water and do the photos that way
  4. Coming Soon!

    The Birmingham-Arnoldsville Metropolitan area is my largest metropolitan area in the state of Arnolds, New Calrofin. It has a population of arround 4.9 million with its largest city, Birmingham, having a little over a million. Arnoldsville is not close behind with only 850,000 people. There are numerous cities with over 200,000 people residing. The region features much coast line and around the north end, a large mountain with the Birmingham Canyon. My next entry will be on Birmingham, the biggest principal city. It is the largest, busiest, and most known city in the nation. This picture is my main city Birmingham showing city infrastructure! So, environmental isn't bad for a city of it's size.