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  1. Oh, I didn't really understand. In that case, can we have draggable walls so I can make America great again?
  2. Hi, what about The Elite Plaza Business Center, in Yerevan, Armenia? April 24, 2016, the 101st year of remembrance of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide is coming up. Maybe the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex in Yerevan?
  3. I would love it if they just add a hint of SC4 feel, like dynamic public transport, maybe seasons? (There is a seasons mod for SC4). Maybe seasons seem too expensive and impractical to program. But things from SC4 would really make this game better.
  4. Yerevan, Cascade Complex (Usually just called "The Cascade") Home to the Yerevan Art Gallery and Museum, atop lies a monument terrace that houses statues and such. This building houses The Cafesjian Center for the Arts, marked as a Heritage Site by UNESCO. (It has 570+ steps to the top!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Karen Demirchyan (Sports & Concerts) Complex Officially Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, is a large sports and concert complex located on Tsitsernakaberd hill which dominates over the western parts of Yerevan, near the Hrazdan River gorge. The complex consists of two main halls; the Concerts hall and the Sports hall, in addition to the large foyer, Hayastan conference hall and Argishti hall designated for diplomatic meetings, exhibitions and other events. In August 2015 the government of the Republic of Armenia decided to sell the complex to a private firm with plans to renovate the complex and turn it into a "family-oriented center". The complex has a unique design, an outside view of the whole construction reminds the shape a big bird opening its wings. Its architectural concepts include a turning tribune of 1,008 seats, that can rapidly connect the two big halls to reveal additional seating, a concept for which the architects were awarded the USSR State Prize -the highest of its kind- in 1987. Currently, the sports hall is mostly used for figure skating shows and events all around the year. It was also the home of World Youth Boxing Championship in May 2009. (The steps going up are similar to those of the Cascade Complex, however, there is an underground layer which runs under the fountains that rise up the the complex [See doors in first picture near fountains]) @Toothless Stitch (Ya it was posted just checked, sorry.)
  5. A house on the coast of Lake Sevan, Armenia.