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  1. Sweet place This is my first visit to a virtual bar I think I'll take the pork chops with grilled asparagus and a Blue Moon
  2. To NAM or not to NAM?

    Thank you all for your quick responces, especially Finkle, with the clarifications and links. It appears as though I need the NAM to use that traffic simulator, though, so I guess NAM it is. It appears there are versions that aren't so completely game changing as others (classic), so I'll use that one. Thanks again to everybody.
  3. To NAM or not to NAM?

    Originally posted by: Pegasus - Most, if not all, of the network fixes and mods that affect traffic behavior, are (or were) available as separate mods and patches. quote> This is what I am interested in, in particular, anything that can fix the dreaded long commute. I'm not looking to download the entire NAM, nor am I interested in "donating" twice what I paid for the game just to have access to the downloads. Not that I'm opposed to helping out the community, but the minimum 25e donation at SC4D is just to steep for my blood. If someone could post me a link or give me some search advice to help me out in this area, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks