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  1. Power And Pollution

    Thank you very much timewarp, those should be very helpful. Prophet i have tried making a sacrifice city, and building a 100% industrial city city with power plants landfills etc. Unfortunately the terrible pollution just attracted more dirty industry and more poor ppl
  2. After many experimental cities and trial and error methods, the learning curve is becoming less steep. I decided to make a new "perfect" city using all the knowledge i have acquired. I chose a medium to plot to achieve this. I zoned the bottom corner of the map for heavy industry and had a power plant and landfill in the very corner of the map. I started to zone some medium res and light commercial with fire coverage, police coverage, schools and parks etc. I even made my zones divided into 4x4 squares with bus stops every 2 blocks. But as my city grew, naturally the needs of the city became bigger and bigger. I aaccommodated this by upgrading city utilities and civics, even put in a university. But it got to the point where a natural gas and oil power plant (both fully funded) where not enough to supply the city. I am reluctant to put more in due to the fact that the enviroment is in the toilet in my city. The heavy pollution is driving R$ way up and and everything else way down. Is there a better way to accommodate my cities power needs without sacrificing enviroment ratings? I have tried to create a seperate zone for industry, garbage and power needs, but eventually it just became a toxic wasteland.