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  1. szymcar apartments

    Could it be that the nieghbouring cities are over populated. I'm completely baffled. Hula is the town in question. ANy ides would be apprecieted thanks
  2. szymcar apartments

    My residentials surround the developed commercial. Not a single soul has built near the shops. I recently messed around with the traffic simulator, then set it back to defualt, could this be a reason.i'l try putting some shops in the corners. thanks moose
  3. szymcar apartments

    Thanks for reply. I did eventually dowload the original apartments which gave me the dependencies. i need to figure out how to use the list and cleantol tool. Anyway i have different problem now as you can see in screenshot provided i have no residential moving in, yet i have loads of comercial. the bar chart for residential is way negative. I tried kick starting the town with some downloaded paris houses but theres no development and the no job sign appears over them. Any help would be good.
  4. Does anyone know wich dependency i need for the szymcar apartments? It's the only boxed lot in my town. Thanks