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  1. Leaning Sycamore's Upcoming Projects and B.A.T.

    Hey, The Sycamore is back in business again! Sorry about abandoning my projects for so long. I was occupied between work, helping my new child, and dealing with bozos in the IRS. I am out of that hole and ready to work on these. Thank you for your patients guys! The Sycamore
  2. Leaning Sycamore's Upcoming Projects and B.A.T.

    Thanks guys! glad to see it can be better, I'll get to work on it soon.
  3. Leaning Sycamore's Upcoming Projects and B.A.T.

    Here is a preview, I hope the links work: http://img69.imageshack.us/f/projectwfc1.png/ http://img838.imageshack.us/f/projectwfc11.png/
  4. Hello Simtropians! First of all it is great to be joining the gang, I see a bright future. I have past experience with 3DS MAX and GMAX so modeling isn't really a problem. I have recently completed (needs minor bug fixes) a B.A.T. thats name is World Financial Center 1 at ground zero. World Financial Centers' 2, 3 & 4 are in progress, but i'm not stopping there, I am planning to B.A.T. Small Homes, Flora, and release Maps. Inventory Available Soon, Leaning Sycamore