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  1. DAT files, help appreciated!

    Excellent; I'm a little bit more savvy now, thanks for the replies!! As for changing the default for .dat files, that's what I was wondering about; I presumed winzip was extracting with the wrong default but things seem to be working pefectly so far; downloaded the industry quadrupler and it affects the game as it should without any problems. I'm nowhere near skillful/smart enough to start messing round complex mod/file issues so I'll leave it as is and see what happens. thanks again, all the best
  2. DAT files, help appreciated!

    Apologies; I've just checked out the NAM folder in my plugins section; nearly all relevant files are in this same format, and the game is running perfectly (with NAM goodies)....this is strange. I take it that's how the files are. If anyone can clarify for sure It'd be great, otherwise I'm gonna see what happens.
  3. Hello all, I've been lurking around here since getting sc4 a while back and have found the level of clear, concise information incredibly helpful! I signed up to check out mods and what not, and was hoping someone could help me out with a problem. Before carrying on I'd like to mention that I've read all the sticked posts on the general forum regarding donwloading buildings/ NAM/ etc (Mikeaut1 and boggy1's were invaluable) Unfortunately, I've been having problems with .dat files being read, namely the programme used to open them. I've tried downloading the bldgprop files (and have just had a look at the industry quadrupler) but when I unzip the DAT files thinks it should be read by my media player. Could anyone tell me what programme I should tell it to open itself with? any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers! all the best